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Government, Regulations and jobs. What?

Posted in Off the topic by latechguy on December 19, 2006


More and more there is a clamping down on regulations on the internet. We as internet users must be keen to identify red flags out in the horizon, flags that indicate the destruction of the internet. There are ideas out there in the US congress to make the internet free for everyone, this sounds like a great ideas at first, but when you take a closer look its really a disaster! When they say free this means free to logon and only view fortune 500 companies products. All other websites won’t be accessible unless you pay a fee! This will leave out small companies, average users and such and they will be left out to dry.

TV Stats

TV has lost 60% of its viewers; cable has lost 40% of its viewers. More and more people are finding that going on the internet and going to youtube.com, watching videos on demand without all the over abusive ads is a better alternative. Who likes to watch TV? Now more that ever you have more channels available to us but still there is nothing to watch! It’s all garbage TV. Why watch something that is scheduled when you can go online and download it and watch it when you want it and as many times as you want it.

Manufacturing job positions

The economy is shifting and its due in large part with the expansion on the internet. The jobs in the US are moving from manufacturing jobs to service based jobs. You hear a lot of Americans complaining on shows like CNN with Lou Dobbs about the war against the middle class. I think it’s more a war against the “manufacturing job positions” that were so prevalent and so important to creating the middle class of the past. The middle class simply has shifted to people who are more tech savvy and more educated. This is a sad reality for people who have not made that transition. The fact is these types of jobs are moving to other countries like china etc… and the service jobs and tech jobs are moving to more advance economies likes the US, UK, Former Russian satellite states and India.

Tech Jobs

The big challenge now is educating US future workers in these types of fields or these jobs will move to India and the like forever. India and other countries are currently being used to outsource these jobs not only because of the cost factor but also because the shortage of American workers those are available to fill these jobs. There are many things that US workers if educated for these jobs have more to offer than say Indian workers and that are quality and ingenuity.


Cnet Editor, common sense nowhere to be found?

Posted in Off the topic by latechguy on December 19, 2006

James Kim

First of all I would like to give my condolence to the family of James Kim. I can’t imagine the grief that they are going thru. I would like to mention how basic things could of saved him his life. For example it seems to me strange that editor of one of the most tech savvy websites on the internet did not have a phone with him, at least. But him being one of the editors of this website you would expect him to have a GPS system. Another thing that I find strange and confusing is the fact that he left the safety and protection of his car and instead chose to walk for miles while being exposed by the elements. Obviously its easy to suggest other scenarios from a distance not having been in that situation but still these things seem to me common sense things to consider.


Mac’s are for dumb want to be techies!

Posted in Computer Hardware by latechguy on October 11, 2006

PC vs Mac

Mac’s are for dumb want to be techies. When you look at a computer you never buy it for its safety or its graphic user interface. You buy it because of its ability to do what you want it to do, to run applications that are needed at hand, to execute objectives.

The reason a want to be techie buys a MAC is because it looks cool then they find out it’s “safer” than a PC. They never sit down and think why there are less viruses for MAC than a PC? First MAC runs on a XML based programming lol the XML itself is a crappy programming platform to run an OS, how weak is that. Second most 98% of real dedicated “techies” that know what they are talking about have PC’s!

So they create viruses, worms etc because that’s what they all have and own. It is no mistake that PC’s are used from the white house, air force, navy, army, N.A.S.A., Hospital to devices that monitor and control hearts, lungs, blood transfusions. I don’t know about you but if I was getting an operation I would not want a MAC doing the processing of vital information on its XML based programs and its Motorola micro chip.

If you’re a lame wana be trendy person that does not know the difference between their hand and their ass it does not matter that you buy a MAC after all you are there target market for MAC. But if you claim to be a person that is into technology or a techie and you have a MAC or put down Microsoft or IBM, you’re what I like to call a poser. Learn the history and the reasons why Windows and PC based computers are the most trusted systems that are employed all around the world.

Another observation, have you ever noticed how MAC users look like the techie people they put on T.V. with those aol, earthlink commercials lol! All real techies I have ever known in my life wear simple pants and simple shirts. These techie wana be’s see commercials of what a geek is and they want to be like that, they buy a mac, get nerdy glasses, get a nerd sweater, talk like a pompous prick and recite “ MAC’s are safer”.

P.S. I MAC user would consider safety as a priority when buying a system because they are really not techies deep inside nor people that know about software and how it works on a operating system thus they must buy a system to protect them against the unknown, lol. Any real Tech person knows the basic simple precautions they must take and never have any problems. After all you have to set these precautions when using the most widely used operating system in the world. Its small thing to do in order to use a system that executes objectives, something a wan be techie will never think of as a priority. One more thing, A lot of you MAC users will say “MAC runs on Pentium now!” The Pentium chips have been “integrated” and they work like crap. They had to make a half ass OS to interface with the Pentium. This is a desperate attempt for MAC to go after the real world business market. Have you noticed that there are no great reviews of the new Pentium! Like “ MAC Pentium taking over!” Why? The bugs that they are going to have to fix are going to take years maybe even decades to overcome. Microsoft has a 30 year lead on them, lol! Stick to your Motorola chips! After all that’s what XML runs on! lol

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Stop building community web sites!

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If your a person who thinks has the bright idea of creating yet another want a be myspace web site STOP! Myspace owns that space amongst other sites that own a smaller but yet important slice of that space. In the other hand if you want to build a community site that target or is designed for a particular nitch segment of the society than you might have a shot of creating a somewhat profitable community web site. The first and more important thing to do is seek out a domain name that captures the spirit of what you’re trying to do, second contact a web development service that is knowledgeable of building community web sites. After this primary steps are completed you must spend 80% of your profits or your budget which ever comes first on online marketing. Whatever form it takes this is the key to making a web site thriving and alive.

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Interesting observation on online business entrepreneurs…

Posted in Online Business by latechguy on October 10, 2006


Last week I got a call from a couple of “online entrepreneurs”, they ask me to join their team. They said that they have this great idea and that they are looking for a developer like me to create the website and take care of all the back-end administration. I of course very curious asked “what is your objective with this web site?” He said “our primary objectives to get an investor”. This to me is funny, their objective is not to provide something to the online world community, it’s to create a site to get an investor? Is the idea to 1 million dollars invested in your project and be in debt a million dollars? I don’t understand mental function. There are countless of stories of web sites that get $500,000.00 loans and in there entire 5 years they only make $350,000.00 and they go bankrupt. Now if this same company would have only invested $10,000.00 of their own money they would of made $340,000.00 in pure profits! And their business would have been thriving and growing. There are tons of these brainless folks that have an m.t.v. version business plan that just doesn’t hold water in the real world of online business and services.

Web sites that fail

Posted in Online Business by latechguy on October 10, 2006


There are always common factors that are left over from the residue of a website that has been abandoned. Left in these particles are the always looked over factor of an objective, yes an objective! Lots of these websites have none. The people behind these sites are usually a lot more concerned over what flash animation to use instead of planning out a clear objective. A website without an objective is a site with no function or hope of one. Another common trait of these sites are rudimentary we design errors that make a web site un bearable to read or understand , things like flash intros that take 60 seconds to re-direct you to the main site, links that are not marked when its been clicked and other real basic protocols that were overlooked. If your website has a great objective but the site is not worth looking at your objective is as good a residue. Looking further and examining the left over’s we come along the lack of content, content is a major tool to help propagate your website into the World Wide Web community.

Before you think you have a great idea, think of the following.

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I have had many phone calls and inquiry over the years were clients or potential clients think that by simply having what they think to be a great idea they are entitled to have developers do the programming for a percentage of the profits. This is not only really annoying but above that it is a misleading and an empty conception. If you have a great idea and you would like a developer(s) to successfully create a system in were your dreams are materialized you must follow these rules.

a. Have a list of objectives that you want your website or idea to achieve. Don’t estimate or assume a project is to require certain programming languages, this is very counter active and you put the developer in a position were they have to correct you. A developer does not want to correct you as your the client. Unless you are a tech major or have spent many years programming and developing websites or software its good advice to let professionals decide what programming languages and systems they will utilize according to your objectives. Just because you learned to save on dream weaver hardly makes you an expert on web site development.

b. If your idea is so great and well planned out this should be an investment. You’re going to have to spend money. If you find a guy out there that will do it for a fraction of the price beware! More than likely you will get very poor service. I person who charges at these rates don’t understand the scope of the job they are committing to. After a while they will feel the burden of completing the project at such a low rate. Then he will get a phone call from you barking over the phone over the project. Then he vanishes, you ask yourself why? Now you will have to find another developer and you are smart enough to pay for what its worth, too late you already lost the development money in the first project. Bottom line of your not willing to pay for good work to enable your dream then that dream is not worth much for you and it was never meant to be.

c. Choose a good development team that is local. There are many development teams out here that have exceptional service and rates for example there are Web design teams these group of developers are local to Los Angeles, have good reputation, great portfolio, referrals and deliver every time. Don’t make the mistake of hiring intern’s kids with no experience just to save a few bucks. In the long run it will cost you big.

The conclusion is if you want a great structure to enable your website idea you need a professional development team and your going to have to make an investments is time and money. If your not willing to make this commitment its better off you try a different business model as your wasting your time and money.

What is better? US based web design firm or an overseas web design firm

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What is better? US based web design firm or an overseas web design firm?

There are many factors why companies and individuals initially choose to go with an overseas web development firm, but sooner or later eventually they will see the advantages of having a US based team.

Overseas pros

  • Cost effective.

Overseas cons

  • They are not held responsible for incomplete work and you have no recourse.
  • They can disappear and never be herd of again.
  • Language barriers can cause miscommunication which may delay work.
  • No BBB.
  • No copyright protection.
  • No intellectual property rights enforcement.
  • No consumer rights.
  • Usually their customer support is only via email.
  • If they do have a phone number be aware you will call long distance and you will incur a high phone bill.

So remember, when you pay a little bit more for a U.S. based web design company you are getting a lot in return.

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Fireworks Vs Photoshop

Posted in Graphic Design by latechguy on October 10, 2006

   FireWorksPhoto Shop

I use png files more than any othere file for web graphic design. the main program I use to manipulate this file type is fireworks. To me fireworks has always been a better choice than using photoshop. Photoshop was originally created for editing photographs for photographers. I dont understand why a web developer whoes objectives and needs are web development would use such a program like photoshop. Photoshop has to much of you dont need. To do basic things like editing a particular layer you have to dig and find the layers you want to edit click on them and skiping others in this finger click acorbatic move. With fireworks all you do is click on the layer you are working on and the program uses common sense to guess that their is a 95% chance that you might want to edit the upper most layer you happend to be working on. This for as a developer saves lots of time, time is very important for me. If you are a photographer and you need to work in an enviroment were everything that is going to be rendered needs to be printed in high resolution than its the right tool for you. If you need to have all the essential tools that a web designer needs in a fast effeciant clear cut manner with all the quality that n image needs forviewing on the internet than fireworks is for you.

I always laugh when these wana be web creative guru types with purple sunglasses always swear that photoshop is the industry standard for web development graphics. These are left over failed photographers that figured they can provide a web development service after doodeling with their photoshop in their photo studio late one night.

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